The Boise Geothermal Summer Camp will be from May 15 to May 27, 2023.  Combined geological mapping and geophysical surveys will be performed to better understand the hydrogeology of the Boise Geothermal system. Interested students may contact me for more information. More will be available soon. 

The Multiscale Hydrogeophysics lab at Boise State University studies (1) hydrologic properties and functions of geological systems and (2) physical and transport properties of geological materials.

We integrate geophysics into hydrologic modeling to better represent the subsurface architecture and parameterize model parameters. We also develop innovative laboratory and field instrumentation and pore-scale simulations to advance our fundamental understanding and predictive modeling of the physical properties of geological materials. 

We train the next generation of geoscientists who can work at the interface of hydrology and geophysics. We aim to equip students with quantitative skills, ranging from interpreting lab/field measurements to the development of theoretical and computational models.