Prospective students

I am active in recruiting graduate students (MS and PhD). Potential students can send me an email with your CV and transcripts.

Current students

Hang Chen

Hang is from China and currently a PhD student in Geophysics program. His thesis focuses on incorporating seismic-derived critical zone architecture information into hydrological studies. Related topics include soil moisture estimation using resistivity and integrated hydrologic modeling of catchments.

Courtney McDavid

Courtney is from Kentucky and is currently a Master student in the Geophysics program. She studies the quantitative relationship between streaming potential signals and evaporation (evapotranspiration) using a lysimeter in the lab.

Surani Liyanage

Surani is from Sri Lanka. She is a Master student in Geophysics program. Her thesis research focuses on the electrical properties (electrical resistivity and induced polarization) of regolith samples. She uses laboratory instruments to measure these properties under controlled hydrologic conditions (matric suction).

Skye Bensel

Skye is from Wyoming. She is a Master student in Hydrologic Sciences Program. Her research focuses on the seasonal variations of subsurface water storage (soil moisture and rock moisture) and their interaction with snowmelt. Her thesis uses geophysical and hydrologic field methods.

Past students

Jing Xie

Jing was a PhD student at Central South University, China. He was visiting our group from Dec 2019 to Dec 2021. His study was focused on developing a stochastic inversion scheme for estimating unsaturated properties from transient measurements (soil matric suction and self-potential during drainage tests).

Taylor Bienvenue

Taylor is from Montana and was a Master student in the hydrologic science program. In his thesis study, he developed an integrated soil column system that can measure both the electrical and hydraulic properties of saturated and unsaturated soils. His thesis can be found at