Dr. Qifei Niu

I am currently an assistant professor at the Department of Geosciences at Boise State University. I got my B.E. in Hydraulic Engineering from Wuhan University (2007), M.E. in Geotechnical Engineering from China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (2010), and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2014). Before joining Boise State, I was a postdoc at the Colorado School of Mines (2014-2016) and The University of Kansas (2016-2018).

I am a hydrologist and a geophysicist(or a hydrogeophysicist), passionate about the water, soil, and rocks that support human society and the ecosystem. In particular, I try to develop new geophysical and computational techniques that can better visualize the storage and movement of the water in soils and rocks.

I am a father of two. During my spare time, I love to travel to different places with my family and experience different cultures. Hiking in the mountains is my favorite outdoor activity, and reading is my preferred activity indoors. Learning new knowledge about history and geography is the most exciting thing every day.